Come join our celebration!

Song "Happy Days Are Here Again"

AHS'59 40th Reunion - Friday night - the arrival!!!!

Must be some committe members - wonder who? Why it is Donna & Jesse Nehf

Hi - I'm Bob and you?

I see Al Sander back over there and Mike Kauffman over here!  But who are the others? I guess I'll just have to walk around & introduce myself.

Who did you say you were?

Oh yes, Al Seyler. Now I remember!(not in photo)

Carol (Volkmann)Bressi - Jeff Pratt.

John Torrens:"Yes My White letter sweater still FITS!  So There!"

Paul Christman - Dan Raupp. and Bob Barbour

Dan Raupp - Paul Syoen

Marilyn (Hagberg)Englund - Dave Ebert

Jerry Bonn - Carol (Schoenfeid)Bohne - Jeannie Johnson

Can you believe we all went to the same High School!!

Carol (Schoenfeld)Bohne -Nancy (Hoppe)Meyer -DiAnn (Brown)Jones - Chuck Hurst